#NextGen 3 great boxing prospects with boxing literally in thier blood

Chris Eubank Jr

  • Middleweight
  • Aged 30 (1989)
  • Record: 29-2 (22ko)

Son of Chris Eubank (if you didn’t guess from the name), he is the most seasoned of our three fighters.

With an impressive speed and power Chris Eubank Jr is currently the WBA Interim Middleweight Champion. Click his name above to follow his progress.

Conor Benn

  • Welterweight
  • Aged 23 (1996)
  • Record: 16-0 (11ko)

Son of “The Dark Destroyer” Nigel Benn, he has been making some noise in the welterweight division with some real emphatic wins.

When Conor Benn is in the ring, he mirrors his father. He stalks his opponents with a familiar, crouching stance.

Evan Holyfield

  • Super Welterweight
  • Aged 22 (1997)
  • Record: 3-0 (3ko)

Son of Heavyweight legend Evander Holyfield, with only 3 fights Evan Holyfield is really early into his professional boxing career.

Evan has a wealth of experience as an amateur with over 80 fights, but he demanded attention when he annihilated Travis Nero in just 82 seconds in his 3rd professional fight.

All of these impressive fighters show promise and even they may live in the shadows of their fathers during their early years, their potential shows hey can flourish even further and make a great name for themselves.

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