No more excuses… Accept it, learn from it, come back stronger.

After Tyson Furys epic win against power puncher Deontay Wilder for the WBC Heavyweight championship belt, the excuses for the loss have been coming in thick and fast.

Some of these excuses have been:

  • Furys gloves did not have enough padding.
  • Furys hands were not in his gloves fully and there was something inside his gloves.
  • Fury had taken PED’s (performance enhancing drugs)
  • Deontay Wilder had been drugged
  • Deontay Wilders ring entrance outfit was too heavy
  • Fury was cheating by using headlocks and illegal punches
  • Wilders corner threw the towell in to early

None of these excuses talk about the game plan being wrong or the training preparation for the fight or his actions whilst in the ring. In fact there is no excuse which indicates that Wilder accepts any responsibility for the loss.

The worry is, if Wilder does not accept any responsibility for the loss, he will not change his training or tactics and will lose easily to a very knowledgeable boxer Tyson Fury in a third fight.

There is no shame in losing a fight when you are facing top ranked opposition, the history of boxing is full of losses and comebacks in fact very few boxers remain undefeated.

Boxers like Mohamed Ali and Mike Tyson both suffered losses, but both are regarded as the best boxers of all time.

Fury vs Wilder 2

The rematch is nearly here, but with only a couple of days left to go who do you think will take the win.

The first encounter has been named arguably the best fight of 2019, with drama, skill, knock downs and unbelievable heart on display will the rematch live up to expectation.

Will Wilder adjust his game plan, take his time to build into the fight and find opennings to get himself the knock out victory he craves so much.

Or will Fury comeback a better, fitter fighter now that he has been back on the boxing scene longer?

Either way, pundits predict that if the fight goes the distance then Fury takes the win, but he first has to avoid the freakish power possed by Wilders right hand!

Who should Canelo fight next?

Any boxer from the middleweight to the light heavyweight division all dream of having a big pay day fight against Canelo Alvarez.

Canelo is arguably the most popular boxer outside of the heavyweight division. No doubt he will pick carefully who his next opponent will be and at what weight, but our question is who do you want to see him face next?