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In order to make full use of the features and services we offer at your computer, tablet or mobile phone will need to accept cookies. By using the website you agree to our use of cookies as described in this cookie policy.
What are cookies?
A “cookie” is a small piece of information sent by a web server to a computer which can be read back at a later point. They are simple, very small text files, useful for having the browser remember some specific information, with the intention of helping to improve the user’s browsing journey. cookies
The following cookies listed below are needed so that our website works properly for all our customers.

Cookie namePurpose of Cookie(s)
PHPSESSIDThis cookie allows us to operate our web servers so that saving details and running a car insurance quote comparison is possible. The website would not work without it.

3rd party cookies
We use these cookies to help us to monitor customers’ journeys through our website, which gives us the information we need to improve the service we offer our customers within our business constraints.

Cookie namePurpose of Cookie(s)
__utma, __utmb, __utmc,__utmv, __utmzThese cookies are Google Analytics which are used to gather anonymous information on how visitors are using our website, drop-off pages as well as which device and web-browser they use.

Please Note: Some of the services we use (including social networks such as Facebook and Twitter) tend to change their cookies on a regular basis so our cookie policy may not always be kept 100% up-to-date despite our efforts to do so.
Managing cookies
Most internet browsers allow you to erase cookies from your computer hard drive, block all cookies (or just third-party cookies) or warn you before a cookie is stored on your device. If you choose to block all cookies, our site will not function as intended and you will not be able to use or access many of the services we provide. If you have blocked all cookies and wish to make full use of the features and services we offer, you will need to enable your cookies.
Further information
If you’d like to learn more about cookies in general and how to manage them, visit

In Accordance to GDPR

  • We may analyse generic browser details as provided by google analytics to better our search engine optimisation.
  • No personal details from general website browsing are stored.
  • We do not share or sell any contact details obtained via the website or any other means of communication.
  • We only keep email addresses stored for those customers who subscribe to our newsletter, every newsletter sent out has an unsubscribe link and if the customer unsubscribes we immediatley delete their email address from our system
  • If you use our website contact forms your personal details are not stored but are used by our company only and are never shared.
    • Our company ONLY use your personal details to respond to your requests, queries and problems.

Widgets used at

We use a Twitter Tweet widget at our website. As a result, our website makes requests to Twitter’s servers for you to be able to tweet our webpages using your Twitter account. These requests make your IP address visible to Twitter, who may use it in accordance with their data privacy policy:

We embed a Facebook widget to allow you to see number of likes/shares/recommends and “like/share/recommend” our webpages. This widget may collect your IP address, your web browser User Agent, store and retrieve cookies on your browser, embed additional tracking, and monitor your interaction with the widget, including correlating your Facebook account with whatever action you take within the widget (such as “liking/sharing/recommending” our webpage), if you are logged in to Facebook. For more information about how this data may be used, please see Facebook’s data privacy policy: